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Genscape is now a Wood Mackenzie business. We remain the go-to experts for waterborne intelligence, delivering industry-leading vessel tracking data and tools. Find out more about our portfolio of maritime products over on the Wood Mackenzie website.

You can also explore our full suite of short-term analytics products, including oil, natural gas, power, equities and NGLs

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Our database provides up-to-date statuses on vessel arrivals and departures with ETA calculation algorithms, port agency data, and integrated weather forecasts. Optimize cargo and port operations for multiple fleets and facilities. Get in-depth insight into vessel characteristics, including manager and owner, to help identify key market players for new business. 

For search and rescue operations, our AIS information assesses the availability of other vessels near the incident to provide assistance. This improves safety across global waters.

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Our timely and customizeable API and data delivery solutions are configurable based on your needs, allowing you to streamline your workflow. Transform our terrestrial and satellite AIS data into custom analytics to optimize fuel consumption and voyage operations.

Follow fleets of interest more efficiently with our advanced vessel search and filter tools such as type, size, flag, destination, region, TEU, draft, vessel dimensions, and service speed.

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With our robust data options, easily meet compliance requirements with port and terminal calls, detailed vessel trackers, and globally recognized zones, such as Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones.

We constantly update our fleet and ship characteristics data, including demolitions and new buildings, which we source from multiple authoritative data partners. Once updates are received, we cleanse and maintain fields for easy interpretation and consumption.

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By providing insight into your competitive landscape, we give you an edge and help you stay ahead of the curve. With over 10 years of historical data, spot trends in global commodity and energy flows to make more informed business decisions.

Our waterborne data across North America, Europe, and the Middle East assists you with forecasting price shifts and anticipating crude and refined product flows in each region. We alert you on destination changes to help you pivot when necessary. Rely on this data to inform your position and better understand market drivers.

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Improve border security against vessel threats with our location data and status alerts to detect unmanned vessels, suspicious vessel or engine failure. Don't rely on voice radio communication or radar, our AIS data has you covered. We give you the right signals at the right time, helping you to identify potential vulnerabilities across global waters. 

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Jonathan Gould

Jonathan Gould

Managing Director, Maritime


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