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Get a comprehensive view into the complete NGL supply chain from processing and pipelines, to fractionation and downstream demand. We combine unrivaled in-house analytical expertise, industry leading oil and gas forecasts, and direct monitoring of key supply chain components to build comprehensive NGL production forecasts. 

NGL Production Facility
Production Forecasting

Get an accurate, detailed, forward outlook for NGL production, two months ahead of EIA supply estimates. We use the current forward price curve in updating our projections, giving you insights to inform trading and hedging strategies. With our infrastructure database and flow projections, identify opportunities for new asset investments and analyze trends for investments you already own. With our ethane coverage, discern what volume of ethane is being recovered, or rejected, and how it impacts the NGLs and natural gas markets and their price dynamics.

Olefins Cracker Facility
Olefins Cracker Monitoring

We monitor 94 percent of the 15 largest capacity ethylene crackers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as all U.S. propane dehydrogenation units (PDH) to provide a real-time view into the olefins industry's demand for NGLs. These observations don't just inform short term strategies, but offer a look back to help make critical business decisions and better understand how demand responds to changes in price and feedstock availability. 

data on screen
Big Picture Analysis

Whether you're interested in a specific region, such as the Permian Basin, or a particular commodity, like propane, our analysis looks at every part of the supply chain to help you make actionable decisions. Answer key questions about market dynamics such as how ethane supply and demand changes in response to price signals, how strong the demand pull is for exports, when plants are likely to come online, and how downtime at key facilities impacts supply.

Fractionator facility
Pipeline and Fractionator Monitoring

We directly monitor NGL flows into the world's largest NGL hub - Mont Belvieu. Changes in fractionator operations or pipeline flows can be leading indicators of changes in market behavior or can confirm changes in market trends. We periodically assess utilization levels for fractionation capacity, identifying constraints that could affect supply to key end users and exporters. 

NGLs Products


Improve confidence in your market calls and identify new trading opportunities with our NGL services. The NGL products and our petrochemical operations monitoring services helps you understand and anticipate price trends, enhance the accuracy of in-house analytics, and increase operational efficiency. Our reports provide a comprehensive view of NGL supply for 16 sub-regions across North America.

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Our range of NGL products cover forward supply and demand balances, production forecasts, and infrastructure data and analytics that highlight capacity utilization and constraints in getting production to markets. Our Infrastructure database tracks existing and planned projects for the NGL supply chain, including gas processing plants, NGL pipelines, NGL fractionation, and key end use projects such as chemical plants and export terminals. Our data and analytics help you understand regional bottlenecks to inform your long-term physical and financial hedging decisions.

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We supply forecasts, supply and demand assessments, and infrastructure data to identify regions with the greatest supply growth potential. We can pinpoint potential bottlenecks in the distribution and logistics chain, which may prevent product from reaching markets in North America and overseas. Between our proprietary monitoring and publicly sourced data, we offer a deep look into storage balances, current utilization of pipelines and fractionators, and operational statuses of key demand points. 

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Mark Chung

Mark Chung

Product Director, NGLs


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