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Genscape is now a Wood Mackenzie business. We continue to deliver our real-time view of global power grids drawing on industry-leading demand, supply, price and congestion forecast data.  Find out more about our portfolio of power products over on the Wood Mackenzie website.

You can also explore our full suite of short-term analytics products, including oil, natural gas, maritime, equities and NGLs.

Power Products


Take a strong position, mitigate risk, and develop a clear strategy to maximize profitability. Understand the fundamental drivers of the power market or quickly respond to new opportunities with the most diverse data to address your trading goals. Whether you're interested in specific congestion potential, cross-boarder capacity flows, or micro level power demand impacts, we have a solution.

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Identify the most effective path to take for your business operations with actionable insights. Our specialists are here to assist you in optimizing your hedging strategy and reducing risk. Tailored to your specific asset locations and risk policy, our suite of services gets you ahead of the game. We supply robust visualization tools to view line outages, constraints, pricing, and historical information to better understand congestion drivers and risks.

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Focus your time on marketing while we take care of the rest. Use a customized and independent suite of energy management services to manage your power and gas retail workflow. While there are many risks for you to consider such as energy price, cash flow, enterprise, regulatory, and administrative, we address these areas through dynamic position reporting, hedging, and portfolio management. Actively manage your business and rely on our team and tools for scheduling, data, analytics, and back office support.

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In an increasingly complex environment, understand the supply and demand fundamentals across power and commodity markets to seize opportunities and manage risks. 

Use our EPSI platform to better understand market fundamentals and explore future scenarios. Optimization-based scenario analysis, coupled with our timely, high-quality data, give you the tools to make confident decisions. The platform is fully hosted on our servers, removing IT barriers and ensuring extremely fast model runs.

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Our analysts keep a close watch on day-to-day operations across power grids. We understand the volatility in the supply stack and analyze possible outcomes with risk scenarios. We provide proprietary electric power data and intelligence to make sense of the drivers impacting each region. Count on our analysts to help you uncover market abuse and keep an eye on questionable activity.

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Industry Experts

Our experts work directly with clients to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas.

Pat Finn

Pat Finn

Regional Director, PJM
Chris DaCosta

Chris DaCosta

Director, CAISO Desk
Hannah Newstadt

Hanna Newstadt

Regional Director, MISO/SPP


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