Annie Edwards

I've been involved with the Genscape family of companies since 2008 in various HR leadership roles including Chief People Officer, General Counsel, and DMGT's Director of Global HR. I'm proud to lead one of the most talented and passionate teams in the world. Our people are the key differentiation in our value proposition and I enjoy the opportunity to help carve out Genscape's future as my team and I work to recruit the best and the brightest in high-tech industries. 

I have over 20 years experience in commercial and civil law and human resources management. I served as the Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County in Massachusetts and as the Assistant Attorney General for Massachusetts. Prior to Genscape, I translated my legal background into my role as the Senior Vice President of HR at Camden National Corporation. While there, I ensured HR compliance, nurtured corporate culture, and encouraged high performance recruiting. I have a BA in English and History from Tulane University and JD from the George Washington University Law School.