Gabriel Phillips

Managing Director, Energy Management Services
Gabe Phillips

I'm the founder of Genscape's Energy Management services, previously GP Energy Management, a company established to provide increased market clarity for fueling growth strategies. Now, as part of Genscape's portfolio of energy intelligence products, I manage the day-to-day operations and strategic planning for our energy consulting business unit. I lead a team of energy commodity experts focused on operational excellence, consultation, and delivering tangible results to clients. Previously, I worked with the premier energy trading firm, Sempra Energy Trading, where I spent time in operations, credit, and the West and East Coast Electricity Desks. I traded power and natural gas positions spanning every ISO territory in the continental U.S. I managed tolling deals for natural gas-fired and dual-fuel power plants, as well as physical and financial customer and speculative positions in various regions. I focused on reducing the costs and inefficiencies inherent in physical and customer business. I hold a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics with a concentration in Robotics from the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering.