JD Doyle

As Chief Technology Officer, I implement the corporate technical strategy and have the privilege of leading a team of enthusiastic, passionate technical experts. We've been on the cutting edge since our inception, and my team aims to keep it that way, constantly innovating and developing our technological core to meet client needs. For almost 30 years, I've worked in some of the most exciting technical environments, specializing in areas such as big data, open systems, and Agile. Prior to Genscape, I served as CTO and Head of Engineering for LinkeDrive where I led technology efforts that changed the face of the business. While at Empirix, I transitioned the non-scalable telephony start-up to an IP-based leader, deploying monitoring and analytics systems for major 4G/LTE mobile carriers and service provider. I'm technologically accomplished and have been awarded multiple patents for my engineering development work. I have a BA in Mathematics from Boston College.