Randall Collum

I’m a seasoned analyst with close to 20 years of experience in natural gas and oil production analytics. As the Managing Director of our Natural Gas and Upstream Analytics team, I oversee a team responsible for ensuring the quality, integrity, and expediency of our real-time, natural gas product offerings. This team brings decades of experience to the table along with a consultative approach to interpreting our data. Prior to joining this team, I was the founder and CEO of Spring Rock Production, which has been part of the Genscape product suite since 2012. I spent several years as Gas and Oil Production analyst and Gulf Coast Regional Basis analyst for a major trading shop. I also worked for BP as an operations manager, North American Gas Strategy Coordinator, and Reservoir/Production engineer. My experience gives me a well-rounded view of the natural gas market beyond just a trading desk. During client engagements, I lean on my entire background to not just speak to the data, but to speak to the entire natural gas supply chain.

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer, and have a Masters in Petroleum Engineering and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston.  I also have a Certificate in Finance and Accounting from Rice University.