Timm Decker

Senior Analyst, Data Scientist, Agriculture & Biofuels
Timm Decker

Since 2009, I've been charged with harnessing all of the unique data points we collect and turning them into actionable intelligence through algorithms and modeling. I helped develop the engine which produces estimates for processing rates and outages at agricultural processing facilities. This is no menial task and gives me intimate knowledge of the inner workings of agricultural supply chain players. 

Lately, I've focused specifically on our Soybean, Biodiesel and Ethanol Processing reports to help determine what's happening in real-time. 

I got my start in analysis and algorithm development at the National Weather Service as a Research Associate Meteorologist. While there, I developed a weather simulator for processing archived weather data into real-time simulations, an exciting stepping stone on my way to Ag and Biofuels. 

I'm a trained Meteorologist, with a BS in Meteorology/Mathematics and MS in Meteorology/Analytics from the world's premier weather research institution, the University of Oklahoma.