February 28, 2019, Louisville, KY – This month, Genscape, the world’s leading provider of real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets, launched the API Service, their next generation of data delivery. With the Data API, clients can quickly integrate Genscape data into existing workflows and processes, or easily combine with their favorite business intelligence toolset. Genscape’s API launch significantly improves data accessibility for market participants. Rather than wait for alerts, reports, or other insight sources, the API provides real-time information as it’s needed, allowing traders to analyze and trade on data faster and more reliably.


“This is a pretty big deal for our customers,” said Todd Boes, Chief Product Officer. “We let clients’ needs steer Genscape’s innovation, so we’re very excited to offer this new, client-driven functionality.”


In just a few weeks, the API already proved valuable for European power clients who used the platform to access live power generation and transmission data. With access to the new service, the client can seamlessly integrate Genscape data into their systems and processes to model the evolution of the fuel stack and anticipate spot price development.


The service, currently available for oil and power customers, will roll out to remaining product lines over the next few weeks. 


About Genscape


Founded in 1999, Genscape is a pioneer in real-time data delivery driven to improve market transparency and efficiency. Today, Genscape operates the world’s largest private network of in-field monitors and distributes industry-leading alternative data. Genscape delivers unsurpassed market intelligence across the commodity and energy spectrum including power, oil, natural gas, petrochemical and natural gas liquids, agriculture, biofuels, and maritime freight.