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Actual Ethanol Inventory Data for the Industry's Most Traded Hub

Granular data on over 1.2 million barrels of ethanol storage capacity

Get the most up-to-date and detailed ethanol storage data for the three major storage terminals in the Chicago area, including Kinder Morgan Argo, Buckeye Argo, and Kinder Morgan Stony Island - all ahead of the EIA. Unlike the EIA data derived from voluntary reporting or accounting flows, our storage estimates are based on actual tank volumes, and include granularity down to the individual tank level.

Our approach translates into highly accurate, advance notice of actual storage levels at these Chicago terminals and other ethanol storage facilities across the U.S.:

  • Stay Ahead: Know when owners/operators are making early moves by charting individual tank movements against futures contracts.
  • Historical Data: We provide a full year of tank-by-tank historical storage measurements to identify trends and themes.


Set trading strategies early by using the only stock data specific to Chicago, ahead of publicly reported information.


Gain transparency and valuable ethanol storage reference points to better balance your forecast supply and demand models


See a complete picture of the entire ethanol supply chain across the U.S. to better determine the balance of supply/demand..


Get never before seen insights into the largest U.S. ethanol trading hub and understand total storage availability.