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Timely & Accurate View of US Ethanol Production 

Access data for 9 billion gallons of annual ethanol production capacity

Stay head of the curve with the most comprehensive ethanol coverage off the market. With natural gas schedules for 90 ethanol plants, we chart the current operation status of each ethanol plant and compare it to the 12 months of historical data  for each facility. We take our analysis one step further by incorporating operational characteristics of individual plants. We capture this information using our own, patented methodologies to physically monitor 15 of the largest ethanol plants in the U.S. 

Feed your ethanol supply forecast with the most up-to-date production figures: 

  • Increased Visibility: We use real-time infrared imagery to detect plant shutdowns, providing transparency into unexpected shutdowns or distributions. 
  • Historical Data: For a complete perspective on production impacts, access daily natural gas nominations for ethanol facilities, a rolling 30-day historical view of raw gas nominations, and a complete history going back to 2010.
  • Frequency: In conjunction with detailed, daily reports, we send alerts on major events that take place like facility shut downs, ramp ups, or ramp-downs. 


Our data provides valuable information on the supply-side of the ethanol market making it a precursor to ethanol storage volumes.


Understand surrounding ethanol facility activities in near real-time to get a sense of available material supply and pricing.


Be the first to know about unexpected shutdowns in near real-time to understand regional supply characteristics.


Re-route truck and rail assets based on near real-time alerts of unexpected shutdowns.