Vesseltracker ShipDB


Over 600 Data Fields for Key Vessel Characteristics and Classifications

Identify commodity and energy market trends with the most up-to-date ship information

Our data connects you with vessel insight for improving operations. The ShipDB database covers vessel characteristics such as capacity, dimensions, management, ownership structure and more. We are the only source to add an extra layer of intel by classifying ships according to their industry function. Our directory boasts more than 600 data fields on over 170,000 vessels, as well as over 1 million vessel photographs. We deliver and present data in multiple formats for easy interpretation and consumption. 

Steer your business growth with our detailed ship information:

  • Tracked Changes: Follow and log ownership, management, and name changes for an accurate historical reference of fleet operations.
  • Orderbooks: Get updates on new builds and demolitions when they occur.
  • Detailed Classification: Improve fleet research and ship vetting with certification, classification, and functionality data.
  • Flexibility: Get information in the formats and delivery methods that best fit your work style.


Time is money. In seconds, ShipDB pulls up information to help inform your trades or your daily and long-term analysis. With ShipDB, get insight on ship destinations/ETAs and understand what type of vessels are in a port at any given time. This data helps determine where the supply is headed and where it already may be, allowing for faster, stronger trades. 


Evaluate chartering risks related to tonnage with our comprehensive, detailed ship information. Our database calls on the size or carrying capacity of each vessel to determine if its suitable for cargo or freight operations.


Our ship database gives comprehensive insight into your assets, providing vessel details like status and destination to keep track of investments. ShipDB provides extensive data on your ship portfolio, allowing you to make smarter commercial and security decisions.


Quickly access our vessel and company data to identify market opportunities, gain new business, understand the latest trends, and be in the know on new ship orders.