Vesseltracker™ Online

Datafeed, Online Platform

Transparency & Insight into Global Vessel Movements

Track over 170,000 vessels with the most comprehensive terrestrial and satellite AIS data

Whether you want to see what's happening in a single port or need to understand global commodity flows, Vesseltracker Online has you covered. We have the largest and fastest-growing terrestrial antenna network to give you the information you need and to save you time in your daily operations. We process over 500 million signals daily, monitor more than 170,000 vessels, and recognize 55 million vessel-related events and status changes, to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of global shipping.

Gain insight into the maritime sector:

  • Custom Data: Our real-time and historical delivery includes reports and analytics on vessel movements, port events, and projects to help improve your internal applications, forecasts, and reporting.
  • Real-Time Alerting: Be the first to know about scheduled, arriving, or departing vessels for a single port or specific list of vessels.
  • Unique Visualizations: Visualize the state of the world's fleet at any time with our map views and overlays including satellite, nautical charts, density levels, piracy, and weather information.
  • Extensive Database: Our database includes robust vessel including specifications, characteristics, equipment, ownership, and management.


Make better, faster, and more informed trading decisions ahead of the competition with a real-time view of global ship movements. Use our ship location data to understand where supply is headed, and get visibility into global flows. 


Easily identify market trends to inform your analysis. Our shipping insights determine market risk and identify profit opportunities.


Follow and track vessels using our advanced search and filter tools where you can specify vessel type, size, flag, destination, draft, speed, and much more. Optimize cargo and port operations by staying up-to-date on vessel arrivals and departures, using our ETA calculation algorithms, sailing schedules, port agency data, and integrated weather forecasts.


Use vessel tracking as a key component of your compliance toolkit. Avoid inadvertently breaching sanctions or use vessel status alerts to assist with responses to investigations. Determine whether a company is breaching national or international laws and regulations.


Strengthen border security against outside reats with our location data and status alerts. Detect unmanned ships, suspicious vessels, or engine failure. Evaluate the impact of illegal importing and exporting through waterborne activity.


Optimize cargo and port operations and generate new business with our in-depth database of vessel characteristics (e.g. manager and owner, arrivals, and departures). Spot activity in high density locations. We help you separate the signal from the noise.