Daily Macro Supply & Demand Report

Emailed PDF, Excel File

The Most Comprehensive Daily Natural Gas Storage Estimates Providing True Insight into National Supply & Demand

Daily regional breakdown of natural gas supply and demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies

Our Daily Macro Supply and Demand (S&D) report provides unparalleled, timely insight into the U.S. natural gas supply and demand balance. We break the market into consumption sectors and share production, import and export data in each of the EIA storage regions. This report contains our official natural gas storage call two days before the EIA publishes their storage estimate. We combine publicly available data with power demand data collected through our patented EMF monitored plants and EIA reports and statements to give you the most comprehensive view of national demand. We pull our supply data from in-house daily production estimates.

Clarity into supply and demand fundamentals:

  • A Point of Comparison: If you are building your own supply and demand models, use our report to gauge the accuracy of each line item. After the EIA storage estimate is released on Thursday, we share additional data in a recap report that discusses reasoning for differences in estimates, giving you a better understanding of how to improve your models.
  • Detailed View of Demand: We break our demand data into the same geographical sub-regions as the EIA's storage report. We also provide a look into different sectors of demand so that you can see changes from week to week in gas demand for power, industrial, and residential/commercial demand.
  • Flexible Data and Delivery: We provide easy to read, graphical representations of the data. Our Excel data files quickly and easily integrate into your models and includes estimates for today,temperature-based forecasts for the next 30 days, and a historical view of supply and demand with our daily estimates that go back five years.


Use our daily supply and demand breakdowns to check the accuracy of your models as we consider variables others may not and supplement public data with patented intelligence to provide the most transparent view of supply and demand in the market.


Our supply and demand data help you adjust your trading position, whether you’re trading on the weekly storage stat or in the cash market. Our data show potential changes in impacts due to weather, giving you an evolving view of the daily supply and demand balance.