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Track Forecasted, Current, & Historical Micro/Macro-Mexican Gas Supply & Demand Fundamentals

Comprehensive, granular view on Mexican natural gas, including proprietary monitoring, balancing and forecasting

With our Mexico Natural Gas product, get all the tools you need to engage the market. We combine publicly available data with direct observations of pipeline flows to generate a daily model of Mexican supply and demand at state, regional, and national levels. We supplement daily pipeline activity with pipeline notices, planned maintenance events, and a comprehensive database of existing and planned Mexican energy infrastructure. Together, this information offers indicators for historical market behavior, which we use as the foundation for building award-winning, five-year forecasts.

The only comprehensive view into Mexican natural gas markets:

  • Exclusive: Get the market's only daily supply and demand balance for 30 Mexican states, six gas regions, and the nation as a whole. 
  • Easy-to-Use Platform: Query Mexican pipeline-reported notices and maintenance events in a flexible, customizable, and searchable platform.
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Database: Get the market's most complete database of existing and planned Mexican energy infrastructure, including project-level details such as specifications, contracts, interconnects, and more.  


Get the most timely and accurate measure of U.S. pipeline exports to Mexico along with intel on the intra-Mexico fundamentals that drive cross-border flows. Manage your risk and exposure to the Mexican market by keeping your finger on the pulse of daily supply and demand fundamentals.  


Identify future opportunities for participation in the emerging Mexican gas market with an unparalleled view into Mexican natural gas fundamentals, and current and ongoing infrastructure projects.


Inform your future production and hedging strategies by gauging where production may be growing within the market. Assess potential and growing opportunities to produce gas through detailed infrastructure analysis and project updates.