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Natural Gas Pipeline Notice & Maintenance Events for 190+  Pipelines

Save time and effort searching electronic bulletin boards and focus on what matters most to you 

Our Notices and Maintenance tool consolidates thousands of maintenance and notice events from electronic bulletin boards into one place to help you streamline your daily processes and stay in the know on impactful market events. To do this, we collect notices from over 190 pipelines and categorize that data by date, severity, and market impact. Our history goes back over a decade.

Real-time, comprehensive notices database:

  • Your One Stop Shop: With one easy tool, you're in the know and up to speed on pipeline events and their potential impacts. 
  • Timely: Our database updates regularly, instantly aggregating and categorizing public information, that would otherwise take you hours to compile. 
  • Alerting: Set up customized queries focused on pipelines, meters, or regions of interest to alert you on new events and outages.
  • Extensive Research: We analyze each maintenance event to gauge its true impact to the pipeline network. With this, you can assess and filter on estimated impact quantities and impacted entities along the pipeline, including metered locations, compressor stations, and segments.



This platform was built by traders, for traders: We know what works for you because we've been there. We understand the time and effort it takes to collect timely information, so we've made it easy for you. Spend your time acting on intel, rather than gathering it.


Stay in the know about potential impacts to gas supply through real-time updates and an extensive historical database. Staying informed on market-impacting events helps you adjust your views and models accordingly. 


Understand how planned and unplanned events may impact routine paths of pipeline flows. With real-time updates to an easy-to-read comprehensive database, get an unrivaled view into maintenance events and pipeline notices.