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Current State of Gulf Coast Ethylene Production

Daily view into ethylene market operations, pricing, and supply & demand fundamentals


With high volatility caused by potential outages and the increasing shift toward ethane feedstock, it's essential for market participants to have clarity around the complex ethylene market. We provide a crucial report for industry players looking to make decisions about supply/demand balances, operations, and pricing for the marginal barrel of NGL production in the U.S. market. Our daily overview provides a concise summary of the current state of U.S. Gulf Coast ethylene production and its impact on the NGL and olefins spot markets. 

Get a comprehensive view of daily ethylene cracker operations and NGL market trends: 

  • Frequency: At market open, get daily-updated data on cracker operational status and maximum operating rates at the plant, state, and regional level.
  • Direct Monitoring: Sourced from our real-time monitoring of U.S. Gulf Cost petrochemical plants, make more informed decisions based on direct observation. 
  • Exclusive Analysis:  In addition to providing need-to-know data, we present timely commentary and insight on significant events written by our in-house, expert analysts. 


Be in the know of what NGL feedstocks are being impacted in real time and how changes in demand may affect production pricing.


We are the only company to offer real-time insight into feedstock impacts and ethylene cracker operation at the furnace level. With our updates, identify strategic opportunities to capture price arbitrage from variations in the market created by utilization changes at crackers and feedstock consumption estimates.


Augment your models with detailed, real-time information from our team of analysts. Also understand how changes in utilization and outages affect short and medium-term supply and demand balances.