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Your Outlook for US Propane Inventories 

Stay on top of market fundamentals with weekly analysis of current supply and demand data and pricing

With the latest fundamental data and market pricing, our comprehensive propane outlook gives a current look at propane market conditions. In one, weekly report, our experienced market analysts provide a concise evaluation of that week's statistics, a review of market pricing relative to cash costs and arbitrate economics, and deliver an outlook for next week's inventories. 

Improve your understanding of these weekly statistics and near-term balances through real-time monitoring of natural gas production, NGLs pipeline flows, refinery ethylene cracker operations and more! 

Enhance your propane supply and demand and pricing outlook with:

  • A Forward View: Gain an early look at expectations for next week's inventories and an outlook for the upcoming season. Through these forecasts, understand the implications for propane and related NGLs pricing.
  • Expert Analysis: With unlimited access to our seasoned analysts, confirm, challenge, and augment your in-house analysis and forward-looking models. 
  • Independence: As a third party data source and outlook, we provide an impartial, detailed commentary on overall EIA statistics relative to our expectations. We have no skin in the game, we just highlight the value and immediate opportunity for your business when we see it. 


Enhance decision-making in the physical and financial propane markets with our detailed, short-term outlook on propane markets.


Keep up-to-date with latest developments in the U.S. propane market, including production, exports, demand and storage inventories and verify your analysis with an neutral third-party's view.