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Real-Time Data & Alerts on Feedstock & Ethylene Markets

Unrivaled view of ethylene cracker operations in North America


With critical insight and transparency into North American feedstock and ethylene cracker operations, stay informed on outages and shifts in this complex market. With the recent proliferation of light feedstock production, we've seen an unprecedented expansion of ethylene cracker infrastructure. At the same time, this low cost feedstock source created historically strong ethylene production margins, incentivizing producers to run ethylene crackers at high operating rates. This high operating rate increases the likelihood of unplanned outages; outages that contribute to price volatility for both NGLs feedstocks and olefins.

Optimize your position with Ethylene Cracker Monitoring Alerts: 

  • Timeliness: Get real-time alerts of significant changes to ethylene plant operations based on surveillance, analysis, and historical operating information. 
  • Historical Data: Access a visual history of each unit going back four hours from the most recent image associated with that unit. Also get historical operation information for each unit. 
  • Coverage: With reporting and analysis on the most critical Gulf Coast ethylene cracker units, don't miss a beat on unplanned outages or status updates. 


On a real-time basis, understand how much NGL feedstock is offline from cracker operations. With this insight, see changes in supply and demand to capture arbitrage opportunities, hedge portfolios, and keep regional balances up-to-date.