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Real-Time Operational Status of Mont Belvieu Fractionators

Monitor disruptions and expansions at the Gulf's most critical NGL fractionation hub

The fractionators at Mont Belvieu lie at the heart of the gas liquids system in the U.S. Gulf Coast, separating NGLs mix into its purity components. Any disruptions to the operations of these units ripples through the entire petrochemichal feedstock complex and can affect the price of NGLs and related products. 

Critical, real-time intelligence on Mont Belvieu fractionators:

  • Unique Data: We observe individual units at Mont Belvieu with visual and infrared cameras. When we send email alerts on a particular unit, we include a link to the associated photo. 
  • Coverage: We monitor 68 percent of fractionation capacity at Mont Belvieu, giving you a comprehensive view of the largest NGL storage and fractionation hub in the world. 
  • Historical Data: We database all operational alerts and historical operating information for each monitored fractionator. We also provide a visual history of each fractionation unit going back four hours from the most recent image associated with that unit. 


Knowing the operational status of fractionators gives insight into the real-time changes in supply and demand. With this detail, capture arbitrage opportunities, hedge portfolios, and keep regional balances up to date.