NGLs Pipeline Monitor

Online dashboard

Real-Time NGLs Pipeline Monitoring

Critical insight into raw NGLs and purity products across the US

We watch pipeline flows in real-time and alert you of significant changes. Based on flow data collected from our sensors and knowledge of historical operating profile for each pipeline, we provide a complete, daily operational view of individual pipelines that includes hours of flow history. 

Most of our monitored lines are centered on Mont Belvieu, North America’s largest storage and processing hub for natural gas liquids. It’s the main delivery point for physical NGLs and its operation is critical in determining the price of LPG futures contracts.

With the NGLs Pipeline Monitor, gain an advantage through: 

  • Transparency: With on-the-ground monitors covering key NGL pipelines in the U.S., we have an exact representation of pumping stations along each pipeline and share power consumption figures at each of these stations. 
  • Detail: Y-grade or pure, we cover every NGLs grade including mix, ethane, propane, butane and C5+. Download this data in a variety of time intervals: 30-minute, daily, weekly, or monthly increments. 
  • Market Intelligence: Our coverage continues to expand. We keep a pulse on the most important new pipelines coming online and let you know as soon as they are added to our service. We share expert insight on what these additions mean and how they will impact the NGLs landscape. 


We measure the fundamentals that drive the NGL market. With live updates of NGLs flowing into Mont Belvieu from West Texas, Conway and the Northeast, the largest NGLs storage and processing hub is now more transparent. Seeing real-time flows of NGLs into Mont Belvieu helps you adjust your short-term balances to capture opportunities others can't see.