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Explore Canadian Oil Production Forecast

A bottom up approach on well, project and upgrader level production data by region and crude quality

Our approach examines the most significant oil producing regions in Canada providing a comprehensive production forecast and analysis. The Canadian Crude Oil Production product includes detailed monthly well and project-level production data from major oil producing areas in Canada. This includes major project level bitumen forecasts for both in-situ and mining operations, upgrader level analysis, quality level breakouts of unconventional/conventional oil production, and Eastern Canadian offshore production. Our forecast incorporates pipeline takeaway capacity, pipeline flows and rail transport to give an insightful analysis on how the crude is getting to market. 

This macro view of crude production focuses on the oil sands and offers an exclusive forecast for the top producing in-situ oil sands projects and upgraders in Western Canada.

Rely on in-depth analysis and make confident decisions:

  • Granular Reporting: We provide you with updated forecast data every 6 weeks and weekly. Each report includes a five year forecast and accompanying data:
    • Every 6 Weeks: Updated Canada Crude Production Forecast using both public data and our proprietary data that incorporates well and project-level data, updates to expected maintenance on major oil sands projects, newly sanctioned projects, and the corresponding impact on crude flows out of the country
    • Weekly: Weekly forecast updates for Western Canadian conventional oil production incorporating the most recent prices and rig counts as well as a Weekly Rig Breakout highlighting the top operators in Western Canada


Succinct easy to read report analysis on the current state of the Canadian crude market with access to our oil market analysts at your finger tips.


Complement your specific forecast analysis with our proprietary production forecasts methodology. While easily incorporating forecast excel data sendouts into existing customer models. 

Portfolio managers:

Obtain a bottom up macro level view of Canadian crude market and it's impact on the broader oil market.


Quality level outlook on Canadian crude production including crude bitumen, synthetic crude oil, and conventional light/medium/heavy. In addition, we offer transportation analysis on Canadian crude export capacity and constraints with analysis on the impact's to differentials across grades.

petroleum producers:

Leverage outlook on conventional production outlook by province and detailed oil sands forecast to identify macro level production trends. We have access to weekly rig report's identifying top operators by province in addition to recent rig activity.