African Waterborne Crude Report

Emailed Alerts, Emailed PDF, Excel File

Forecast Price Shifts & Anticipate Crude Flows from Africa

Better understand crude movements leaving Africa to inform your market position and improve decision making

Changes in flows from Africa are increasingly shifting global crude oil markets, adding pressure to regional prices. With our African Waterborne Crude Report, monitor this activity and optimize your trading or business decisions. We aggregate large quantities of flow data from multiple sources, track, and analyze it, so you don't have to.

Better gauge the market:

  • Accurate Shipping Data: We leverage our own Vesseltracker data to track cargoes loading in Africa to their final destination. We carefully monitor each vessel using our terrestrial and satellite AIS technology to estimate volumes of crude.
  • Market Clarity: Get a full view of crude loadings by country in the WAF region and a tally of crude cargo destinations, with a follow up on any changes in destination.
  • Expert Analysis: In addition to granular data, our analysts  provide commentary and analysis of anomalies, market trends, and changes. We send quick alerts on destination and/or anchorage storage changes to keep you in the know.


Changing flows impact and add pressure to regional prices. Our weekly report provides insights to help you forecast short-term price shifts and anticipate the arrival of crude from West Africa.


Our report keeps you informed of market trends. With increased transparency on flows coming out of West Africa, we help you gauge the market impact in Asia, Europe or the Americas.