Global Oil Supply Report

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Every 6 Weeks

Comprehensive View of Global Oil Production by Country & Liquid Type

Rely on accurate petroleum liquids production data and forecasts for critical oil-producing countries 

Our report ties together fundamental, actionable intelligence across all petroleum producing countries to provide insight into supply changes. The Global Oil Supply Report delivers country level production history (annual from 2010) and forecasts broken out by liquid type i.e., oil, condensate, NGLs, and other liquids, for all petroleum liquid producing nations. Each nation's total production is built "bottoms-up" from individual fields. Because of this detailed construction, we clearly and quickly adjust our forecast in response to discreet events and new production data. 

Most importantly, we use near real-time field-level data from our High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor in the Global Oil Supply Report to enhance our forecasts. The Monitor provides daily petroleum liquids production estimates for crucial oil-producing countries across the globe. We combine multiple types of signals intelligence including our proprietary flare signature and gas nomination evaluation methodologies with historical field production data to generate accurate country-level production estimates and detect inflection points earlier than other market sources. Our report combines forecasting and data science to provide a unique view of the rapidly changing oil-producing continent.

Our report allows you to stay on top of all producing regions, especially those with limited transparency by providing:

    • Extensive Database: Our view of global liquids production incorporates a combination of government and operator data, regulatory documents, news, and signals intelligence from a number of different sources including satellite, our Voyage Events and gas nomination data to decipher current production levels and future changes. 
    • Granularity: We are one of the only providers that breaks out our production forecasts by liquid type (i.e. condensate, NGLs, and other liquids). Other providers only report numbers for total oil production (“total liquids”).
    • Field Production Levels: The report incorporates all of our signals intelligence through the High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor, which reduces uncertainty in the forecast itself by ensuring current field production changes get reflected quickly and processed into the forecast itself.
    • Frequency: Our Global Oil Supply Report is available on a more frequent basis than the competition. Our report is published every six weeks, instead of quarterly or annually.


    Better understand a country's true supply/demand situation. We have the most accurate and complete data set because we go straight to the source and monitor fields directly providing  unparalleled insight into oilfield production, you can't get anywhere else. 


    Better inform your analysis with our unique data sets and trusted market intelligence. We provide you with a detailed report and a data file containing production broken out by country and liquid type giving you an accurate country-level production estimate while detecting inflection points earlier than other market sources. With our report, you have insight into supply changes before the competition.


    Understand the entire crude purchasing landscape, such as who has what quality, and the timeline for getting specific quantities and qualities to market. You'll have a quick view of country-level activity for 26mmbpd of global oil supply and counting. Keep an eye on volatile countries such as Libya, Venezuela, and Iran, and monitor trends in stable producers. 


    React to market activity faster than anyone else. Hedge confidently and know when to accelerate or decelerate your hedging program based on daily intel.