Over 54 Million Barrels Per Day of Global Petroleum Liquids Production 

Receive daily oil production estimates for critical oil global producers

The High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor is the leading source for daily oil production data for impactful oil-producing countries across the globe. This is the only solution that goes beyond providing a simple on/off signal at the field/country level. We transform on/off signals into highly accurate estimates of daily production volumes for each country we monitor, providing you the actionable intelligence you need.

We generate accurate country-level production estimates and detect inflection points ahead of the market. This product analyzes the magnitude and nature of the field-level signals alongside the associated field's operational characteristics and production history. Currently, we cover: United States, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Libya, the Neutral Zone, Norway, UK, Denmark, Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador, and Peru.

We generate accurate production estimates and detect inflection points earlier than other market sources:

  • Accuracy: We don’t just provide the signals or an index of the signals. We transform that data into meaningful information – actual production levels. 
  • First Alert: Our data is as up-to-date as possible and you can access daily. We update the API every morning, rather than monthly like government sources.
  • Unbiased and Data-Driven: Our product does not rely on anonymous human sources in any country. 


Make better-informed decisions with this first of its kind, complete data set. We algorithmically interpret the data to provide an actual estimate of daily liquids production rather than a simple on/off activity indicator. We have the most accurate and complete data set because we go straight to the source and monitor fields directly providing unparalleled insight into oilfield production.


Be the first to know the production impact from events like scheduled maintenance,geopolitical factors, and increases in field operating capacity. The Monitor detects significant production swings so you can make decisions on global oil supply.


Understand the entire crude purchasing landscape, such as who has what quality, and the timeline for getting specific quantities and qualities to market. You'll have a quick view of country-level activity for 51mmbpd of global oil supply and counting. Keep an eye on volatile countries such as Libya, Venezuela, and Iran, and monitor trends in stable producers.


React to market activity faster than anyone else. We confidently know when to accelerate or decelerate your hedging program based on daily intel.