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The Most Extensive View into the Daily Status of Refinery Unit Operations in North America

Real-time refinery operations alerts for more than 100 refineries across North America

We provide an unrivaled view into real-time operations at refineries across the U.S. and Canada, covering 90% of refinery operations in the U.S. and 66% of refining capacity in Alberta, Canada. Receive real-time alerts, daily summaries of refinery operations, and Planned Outages Schedules. Get a comprehensive view of refinery utilization down to the unit level and by product class and receive insight into intra-day status changes of product-specific units. Improve your internal applications, forecasts, or reporting with our real-time and historical data covering crude oil demand, refined products supply, and refinery utilization.

 Timely intelligence on refinery operations:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Be the first to know about planned and unplanned outages, maintenance, and disruptions at monitored and unmonitored refineries. We combine observations from infrared cameras with in-house analytical and technological expertise to give you immediate alerts of critical events.
  • Refinery Operations Summaries: Receive daily refinery intelligence, which includes the operational status of oil refinery units, planned and unplanned outage commentary, and utilization aggregates. Intraday updates and summaries are published via data API.
  • North American Refinery Planned Outage Schedule: Get a forward-look into planned maintenance activities at both monitored and unmonitored refineries in North America. Expected timelines are published at the unit level and updated as unit outages and restarts are observed.


The operational health of refining units is a crucial input to forecasting changes in market prices, regional crude demand, and refined products supply. Use this intel to quickly capitalize on trading opportunities and stay ahead of other market participants. 


Easily identify crude demand and refined products supply to inform arbitrage models, regional supply/demand balances and trade recommendations.