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Accurate Insight into the Most Critical Part of the European Oil Supply Chain

Physical inventory measurements for crude and refined product on a tank-by-tank basis 

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp (ARA) account for a significant portion of Europe's total crude inflows. We provide gold-standard intel on crude and refined product storage levels for ARA. We use the same trusted technologies and methodologies honed for our highly reliable and accurate Cushing Oil Storage Report to measure gasoline, gasoline components, naphtha, jet fuel, gasoil, and crude oil storage levels tank-by-tank in the ARA region. We provide empirical data gathered from true observations and measurements, not estimates or survey data. We use a combination of highly calibrated infrared cameras, aerial diagnostics, and other proprietary technologies to directly observe and report on storage levels.

We deliver exclusive insight into ARA market fundamentals:

  • Crude Oil: Using our cross-referenced approach of diagnostics from aerial surveys, infrared, and visual, we measure crude storage levels on a tank-by-tank basis for more than 200 tanks in the ARA region.
  • Gasoil and Jet Fuel: We deliver a weekly measurement of middle distillate and jet fuel physical inventories at over 800 tanks in this region and provide aggregate storage levels indicating any noticeable trends.
  • Gasoline and Naphtha: From our highly calibrated infrared cameras to our other impressive technologies, we measure gasoline, gasoline component, and naphtha storage levels tank-by-tank for over 400 tanks in this region. That's not all, we also provide weekly stocks for each tank farm, location, and for the entire ARA area.
  • Operations Updates: Receive ARA storage actuals, as well as updates on infrastructure expansion plans, construction progress, real-time news event alerts across refined products, and alerts about tank product changes.


Our report allows for deep examination of each tank, providing the full picture of physical storage levels. Use this data to make more strategic trading and resource allocation decisions. 


Generate and maintain supply and demand balances by using storage inventory data to track inter regional movements. 


Mitigate risk by understanding potential supply and demand imbalances via inventory data. Weekly inventory data can provide insights and guidance for crude oil price hedging, crack spread hedging, and spot market activity and price hedging. 


Stay updated on inventory assets and their utilization rates. Assess the potential for regional bottle-necking or overbuilding as storage capacity dynamics evolve.


Understand need for potential new storage capacity or the risk of overbuilding by analyzing competitors' utilization rates. See where spare storage capacity exists weekly. 


Mitigate risk of limited storage capacity in key market hubs by analyzing storage utilization rates and effective capacities.