North American Crude Oil Fundamentals Report

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Insight into Critical Pipelines that Supply US Gulf Coast Storage Hubs & Refineries 

Real-time crude oil pipeline data for 86% of pipeline capacity into Houston and Beaumont Nederland

The North American crude market landscape continues to evolve as the industry works to find a supply/demand balance following the global surplus that affected supply chain dynamics for years. U.S. and Canadian markets are increasing their relevance as growing production, infrastructure changes, and export capabilities connect North America to international markets. Meanwhile, transportation bottlenecks developed in multiple North American production regions, stranding barrels upstream and impacting price differentials. 

See the entire North American Crude landscape:

  • Stay Up-to-Date: Be aware of factors driving the North American oil markets. Receive weekly updates on oil storage, pipelines, refinery operations, waterborne and rail transport, and commentary highlighting fundamentals and market trends.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Get a weekly snapshot of the most important data related to key crude hubs including Cushing, the U.S. Gulf Coast, and Western Canada.
  • Access Unique Insights: Our report includes data-driven commentary, which discusses pipeline flows, storage data, rail volumes, waterborne loading data and refinery capacity utilization data across key hubs in North America.


Make more informed decisions with a snapshot of the most important data related to key crude hubs such as Cushing, the U.S. Gulf Coast, and Western Canada. 


Access first-hand market commentary highlighting trends, anomalies, and fundamentals in the market. Our data also provides a comparison of regional fundamentals and an evaluation of how changes impact the entire market.