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Visibility into Pipeline Flows & Rail Movements Across the US and Canada

Discover real-time disruptions, transportation constraints, and arbitrage opportunities

Our Daily Bakken Update service provides exclusive insights into real-time crude oil flows, daily rail loadings and unloadings, pipeline events, and daily North Dakota pricing differentials for Bakken Railhead and at the Beaver Lodge hub. We leverage our patented technology to monitor 88% of rail capacity and 84% of pipeline capacity in the Bakken region, including the Pony Express pipeline, which supplies the Cushing, OK, market, and the Dakota Access pipeline, which supplies the Patoka, IL, storage terminal en-route to the Gulf Coast. Genscape's Daily Bakken Update service also features data covering major rail loading terminals in Western Canada and the Permian. 

Stay informed of the North American crude-by-rail industry:

  • Timeliness: Get daily rail loading and unloading data, as well as real-time alerts and half-hourly flow updates by pipeline for quick assessment of market moving events. Be the first to react.
  • Comprehensiveness: Receive daily updates on more than 1.5 million bpd of North Dakota, Canadian, and Permian rail loading volumes, key rail unloading terminals in the Gulf Coast and mid-continent, and pipeline takeaway volumes from the Bakken region.
  • Intelligence: Receive ad hoc intelligence reporting on critical pipeline infrastructure progress, which could reveal potential delays.
  • Clarity: Assess the impacts of transportation constraints by receiving daily updates on North Dakota, Canadian, and Permian rail loading volumes, as well as pipeline takeaway volumes from the Bakken region.
  • Impact: View the impact of pipeline and rail movements on prices by receiving Bakken Railhead and Beaver Lodge pricing differentials to WTI and Brent.


Use our data to reveal trading opportunities in Western Canada, the Permian, and the Bakken shale. Search for profit potential related to supply and demand imbalances, disruptions, and transportation costs. 


Generate and maintain supply and demand balances by using rail and pipeline flow data. Assess potential degree of pipeline takeaway constrains by analyzing volumes associated with swing modes of transportation.


Mitigate risk by understanding potential supply and demand imbalances via rail and pipeline flow data. Daily rail and real-time pipeline flow data can provide insights and guidance for crude oil price hedging, crack spread hedging, and spot market activity and price hedging.


Assess financial positions with exposure to crude oil prices in real-time.


Stay updated on crude-by-rail terminal assets and their utilization rates throughout Western Canada, the Permian, and the Bakken. Assess the potential for regional bottle-necking or overbuilding as production and takeaway capacity dynamics evolve.


Assess crude tank-car leasing markets for unheated 30,000 gallon, unheated 31,800 gallon, and coiled and insulated 29,000 gallon rail car models.