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At the beginning of each trading day, we provide quick, actionable insights into East Coast market conditions. Our daily newsletter includes information on the rail and waterborne delivery of crude to the East Coast refining market and provides a view into refinery utilization. Our daily price assessment for the Bakken at the Railhead in North Dakota complements our exclusive data on regional crude-by-rail unloadings.

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  • Timely Intel: Every morning at 10 am ET, receive a PDF and GDAT files including prices assessments for Bakken Railhead, Rail-delivered Bakken crude prices, rail unloading volumes, waterborne import volumes, refinery utilization data, and market commentary and analysis.


You will not have to start your morning researching and analyzing the latest market updates. Check your inbox everyday for a short informative market recap with a comprehensive view into the East Coast crude delivery supply chain.


Access crude tank-car leasing markets for unheated 30,000 gallon, unheated 31,800 gallon, and coiled and insulated 29,000 gallon rail car models.


Gain insight into rail infrastructure development to better access Bakken crude oil deliveries. Our unique technologies track the number of trains moving and the number of cars per train, allowing us to calculate product volumes.