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Explore Future European Power Market Scenarios

Define and receive on-demand insights into the factors behind supply and demand fundamentals across European power markets

Whether you’re focused on the short, mid, or long-term horizon, rely on our EPSI platform to get actionable insights for European power markets. The platform's optimisation-based scenario analysis and fully validated in-house data sets gives you tools to make more informed decisions.

With EPSI, easily create price forecasts, get reliable forward curves and extensive market outlooks, customize sensitivity analyses, and much more. Rapidly build and run power market scenarios with up-to-date infrastructure and market data.  EPSI is a collaborative platform, allowing shared access to your models and results - which can be readily shared with your teams.

Our EPSI analysts speak your language and go far beyond technical support, guiding you on the path to success.

Discover a different and more efficient way of analyzing European power markets with:

  • Time Saving Solutions: EPSI is server-based and a comprehensive scenario analysis platform, enabling savings on IT and analytical resources. It allows for market simulations to support short term trading analysis as well as longer term investment and planning research.
  • Faster Models & Accurate Data: EPSI's power market modelling engine is fully integrated with infrastructure and market data foundations, ensuring true ready-to-run capabilities. Make quick business decisions, rather than waiting for models to run.
  • Europe-Wide Coverage: EPSI covers all 32 countries representing the interconnected European power market, in addition to Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. For each market, access detailed plant and historical data on fundamental drivers such as power demand, hydro, interconnection and combined heat and power (CHP), up-to-date market price data, and powerful fundamental scenario analysis capabilities.


A solid data foundation is required to undertake accurate power market analysis. Our data is fully sourced to ensure total transparency, giving you control of each scenario. Explore key drivers such as demand forecasts, wind and solar production, commodity price development and new builds or retirements of plants, and build them into your analysis.


Strengthen your trading strategy and be aware of all factors impacting the grid. Investigate the effects of new technologies in power markets, such as demand response, renewables production curtailment, electric vehicles (including EVs to grid connections), as well as wide-scale electric storage, and flexible generation, giving you an industry edge. 


Making important decisions about current and future commitments in assets and business plans is a daily activity. Use EPSI as your crystal ball to understand market development and to guide strategic decisions in line with your short to medium term visions. Our robust forecasts give you insight into market prices and fundamentals.


Transparency into increasing market complexity and volatility is a must to make strategic long-term capacity investment or resource utilisation planning decisions. The EPSI platform assists with modelling scenarios 30+ years into the future, providing insights about the investment value of power plants, the changing patterns of power prices, the impacts on the generation mix due to regulation or market behavior, and much more. 


Investing in commodities used in power production, like carbon emissions credits, is always an incentive. Test scenarios with multiple carbon prices and learn about the changes in merit order, the missing money, and the levels of carbon emissions from thermal power plants due to changing carbon prices.