EPSI Mexico

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Forecast Prices & Supply-Demand Fundamentals for the Mexico Power Market

High-quality Mexico power market data with flexible, insightful scenario analysis and visualization tools

Our EPSI platform provides unparalleled insight into the Mexico power market through a unique combination of thorough research, relevant data streams, cutting-edge scenario analysis, and rigorous quality control. With our robust optimization-based modeling capabilities, simulate system marginal prices and plant outputs with full hourly resolution, unit commitment, sensitivity analysis, and fast execution.

Forecast periods may span anywhere from one week to 35 years out. Use our platform's intuitive and rich visualization dashboards to interpret results or export and easily share scenarios with your team.

We are the go-to source for modeled data, developed and fine-tuned by our expert analysts. Quickly and easily pull data into your existing scenarios and models, in real time, and never wait for data updates or software downloads again.

Explore Mexico power markets with EPSI:

  • Flexible Scenario Analysis: With a push of a button, receive cutting edge-scenario analysis. Use our high-quality fundamental data to explore and customize short- and long-term power market views.
  • Integrated Infrastructure & Market Data: The data you need, including owner name, fuel and technology type, commissioning date, status changes, capacity, efficiency, variable and fixed costs, location coordinates, plant photos and more.
  • Total Coverage: EPSI provides coverage for the nine-zone Mexico power market including seven interconnected regions plus the Baja California Peninsula's isolated systems. For each region, access detailed plant and demand data, historical data on fundamental drivers such as hydro, interconnection and CHP, up-to-date pricing insights, and powerful fundamental scenario analysis capabilities.


Whether you are making decisions related to project finance, getting credit committee approval, or advising clients in M&A process, use EPSI to deepen your insight into market risks and make more informed decisions or recommendations.


Help your customers add value to their operating and commercial strategies. Develop customized insights that build on EPSI's extensive and fully transparent framework for modeling power markets.


Better understand the impact of drivers such as demand, fuel prices, and renewables penetration across scenarios with our unique datasets. Improve your ability to value potential power generation projects.


Vessel tracking should be a key component of your compliance arsenal, enabling you to avoid inadvertently breaching sanctions or quickly alerting you on vessel statuses to assist with investigation prioritization. We help you reveal if a company is conducting business within all national or international laws and regulations.


Better support your trading and contractual decisions. Use EPSI to evaluate scenarios and make more informed decisions based on short-term fundamental data.


Use EPSI to better understand market development and adaptation challenges. Guide strategic decisions in line with your mid- and long-term visions