CVS File, Online Platform

Actionable Intelligence for the Western Power Market

Optimize your power systems, reduce costs, and minimize risk with access to real-time fundamental data

Whether you are looking for insight for short-term trading, mid-term portfolio planning, or long-term investment decisions related to the western power market, our WECC Term platform has you covered. Developed as a fundamentals-driven model, our tool seamlessly integrates both public and private data sources for daily model runs.

With our fast and flexible platform, run an assortment of scenario analyses in minutes. We give you the control to view a power system in its entirety or drill-down into a granular view of a specific trading hub. Easily pull data from the platform and integrate model output into your daily workflow to enhance your trading, investment decisions, analysis, and strategy.

Access a comprehensive view of fundamental market drivers with:

  • Unique Market Insights: Dive into our detailed power price and heat rate forecasts for the nine major WECC pricing hubs to gain a real-time view on market activity.
  • Enhanced Daily Process: With a full view of the WECC power system, customize your interaction with the platform to meet your needs, no matter how micro. The data is available via a CSV file, enabling easy integration into your models.
  • On-Call Team of Experts: Our experienced team of power analysts and meteorologists are on hand to provide market commentary and risk analysis.
  • Cutting Edge Modeling: Our optimization-based modeling capabilities factor in load, wind, solar, and hydro, gives you flexibility to explore a wide range of power market views.


Our power market analysts understand you need the most accurate forecasts and data to stay ahead. With daily insight into market moving fundamentals and recommendations on trading opportunities, optimize operations and mitigate risk in your forecasts.


Our fast, flexible platform lets you translate market analysis into propositions and strategy. In just minutes, run an assortment of scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of supply and demand dynamics.


Knowing when the market is over- or under-valuing power is critical for your power pricing strategy. Get the best bang for your power buck with forecasting tools capable of looking up to a year out.


In this fast-moving market, knowing when to capitalize on an opportunity or how to spot potential risk is not always clear. Be prepared so you're not caught on the wrong side of market events.