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Anticipate Wind-Related Congestion & Power Price Volatility

Accurate wind power generation forecasts and expert power market analysis

While wind is one of the fastest growing forms of electric power generation, it is also one of the most difficult to predict, making it a key factor in driving congestion and price volatility in many regional power markets. We partner with The Weather Company, an IBM Business, to cover this gray area by providing the most comprehensive ISO-level wind power forecasts available. We combine The Weather Company's cutting-edge weather models and accurate predictions of key meteorological parameters with our state-of-the-art wind power model to give you transparency into wind-driven congestion and its impact on prices. 

Accurate seven-day hourly ISO-level wind power forecasts include:

  • Meteorological Expertise: We factor in key variables that directly affect wind turbine electricity generation, including wind speed, ambient temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure.
  • Unique, Direct Monitoring: Because we use real-time wind generation data to calibrate our models, our forecast performance is superior.
  • Market Fundamentals Analysis: In addition to our meteorological forecasting, we review congestion, maintenance, cut-outs, and negative Day-Ahead pricing, which may prevent wind power from reaching the grid. 


Wind volatility insights have strong implications for both bullish and bearish pricing events across power market systems. Anticipate wind-related congestion and price volatility with our state-of-the-art model to identify where wind production will be concentrated in the grid. 


As new wind generation continues to assume a greater percentage of the generation supply stack, there is increased opportunity to capture this volatility through our forecasting tools. We provide the data you need to complement your specific analysis. 


Whether you own a wind farm or a conventional generator, use WindcastIQ to hedge your position. Our unique insights into wind-driven congestion and energy price volatility help you increase your revenue and make smarter allocation and scheduling decisions.