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Fundamental Coal-Burn Estimates Ahead of the EIA

Accurate estimates based on direct, real-time coal plant monitoring of over 165 MW in capacity

Coal is a major driver of power market fundamentals and is the one fuel lacking timely transparency. With our U.S. Coal Burn Report, you don't have to wait months for production, consumption, and stock figures to be released publicly. We provide timely insights to give you the information you need, when you need it.

We share accurate estimates of how much coal burned in U.S. power plants, and through our in-house analysis, we can then estimate down to the regional level. Our observations on monitored power plants provides direct, real-time data on output levels to inform our analysis. We monitor over 165 MW of U.S. coal fired capacity at more than 200 coal plants, and are constantly working to expand our coverage. 

Get a clear, up-to-the minute picture of consumption:

  • Granular Data: Make more informed business decisions with coal burn details. For each of our monitored plants, we provide insight into the total megawatt consumption by tons to offer a comprehensive view of plant operations.
  • Expert Analysis: The backbone of our data accuracy is our people. Our expert analysts keep an eye on the market and consult their daily analysis to share expert commentary and future predictions. There is no better team to provide you with weekly drivers.
  • Accuracy: Month-over-month, our predicted coal burn estimates align with EIA figures, proving that our timely insights are crucial to stay ahead of the market.
  • Robust Delivery: In addition to the weekly emails that include detailed commentary and granular estimate data, we give you access to our platform where you can export U.S. coal burn data to Excel right when you need it.


Our timely estimates at key U.S. power plants give you an early read on the drivers of equity valuation for coal related companies. Get a clear view into emerging market demand, allowing you to bet on infrastructure ahead of the competition and to diversify your portfolio.


Stay competitive and ahead of the market. Our production and consumption data helps you understand the current supply and demand dynamics to strengthen your positions and avoid losses. 


Our unique insights give you an edge with total consumption estimates, plant-level and regional consumption, historical changes, and expert commentary on coal burn trends. Understand where the market is headed and make better decisions.  


Don't wait an entire month for data from the EIA. Access our report for the most recently available coal burn data to adapt your coal marketing and buying strategies.