Online Platform

Develop & Strengthen Congestion Trading & Hedging Strategies

Leverage our quantifiable predictions about congestion events across the power grid

CongestionIQ predicts future power congestion by understanding previous events occuring on the grid. Quickly and easily analyze a default congestion forecast and subsequent bid calculation to determine the best constraints to target. Our real-time representation of the power grid helps you make quick decisions on bidding strategies.

CongestionIQ's performance is unmatched, we provide quick results, accurate power flow forecasts, and increased return on investment, making its real-world functionality one of a kind.

Just ask us, we're ready to prove it:

  • Save Time: With CongestionIQ, run faster models. We take a process that once took several hours and condense it to a few minutes.
  • Streamline Your Workflow: Our online platform is the only nodal market solution that integrates forecasting, modeling, historical data, robust dashboard views, detailed analysis, and unique visualization tools.
  • Monitor Portfolio Performance: View portfolio performance for your individual account or for all traders' accounts assigned to you. Track the latest published transmission outages, monitor significant equipment changes in the network model, receive real-time market notifications, and view hourly settlement point prices.
  • Easily Build Your Scenarios: With our scenario builder, get results in four easy steps: (1) select constraints, (2) forecast demand, (3) dispatch generation, and (4) uncover transmission outages. Develop custom scenarios using your own data and assumptions or use our default inputs.
  • Explore the Markets: Our CongestionIQ platform is currently available for ERCOT, MISO, and PJM, and will be hitting the SPP market soon.


Optimize your hedging strategy and reduce congestion risk. Our fully integrated solution can be tailored to your specific asset locations and risk policy, giving you control of your basis risk. Hedge this risk in both the Day-Ahead and Financial Transmission Rights (FTR)/Congestion Revenue Rights markets. Our forecasts indicate whether flows on your paths are expected to increase so you can hedge only when congestion risks are high. Opt for a fully hosted solution where we run models for you, or be in full control of your own analysis and scenario building.


Get a new level of transparency into Day-Ahead and Congestion Revenue Rights trading (CRR). Our tools help you to take a fundamentals-based approach to modelling forecast power flows across market constraints. Sort and identify top bid pairs to trade with our unique strength weighting, quickly analyze bid paths, and perform a risk assessment of individual paths.


Traditional techniques are ill equipped to assess the impact of constant congestion volatility and the subsequent unpredictable constraints. Stay in the know with CongestionIQ's insights into line outages, constraints, pricing, and historical activity, and better understand congestion's drivers and risks.