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Electric Power Data & Intelligence for Regional Power Market Visibility

Understand fundamental drivers, market pricing, risks, and scenarios in the U.S. power market

With PowerIQ, optimize buying and selling strategies, identify new trading opportunities, and analyze congestion risks across multiple hubs and zones. We provide unparalleled visibility into power markets by combining expertise from our power market analysts and meteorologists with advanced modeling technology and fundamentals-based analytics.

Our 30+ analysts give you the power market information you need when you need it. We offer a customized service that includes pricing and congestion information specific to the hubs, zones, or nodes of your interest. We use neural network models to issue wind and demand forecasts and make accurate predictions based on our industry knowledge. We also highlight exposure to energy price volatility based on supply stack health and risks to wind generation and load forecasts.

Available via telephone, email, or instant message, engage in animated, daily discussions with our analysts covering strategies to increase efficiency and minimize risk, or get additional insight on congestion predictions. 

A new level of transparency into wholesale power markets, with PowerIQ:

  • Receive Comprehensive Forecasts: We assemble forecasts for the seven deregulated wholesale U.S. Markets, including PJM, MISO, ERCOT, CAISO, SPP, NYISO, ISO-NE. We cover Real-Time (RT) and Day-Ahead (DA) prices, demand, congestion, and renewable generation.
  • Prepare for the Future: ERCOT, PJM, MISO, and SPP participants have access to reports and forecasts that support smart decision-making for the prompt month. Whether it’s ERCOT’s Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) insight report, or PJM’s fundamentals-based focus, both asset owners and congestion traders can act with confidence. Our analysts are on call to review these monthly outlooks one-on-one and to discuss specific congestion and forecast risks.
  • Make More Informed Decisions: The MISO and PJM markets have a balance-of-week and next-week forecasts available for the most liquidly traded hubs. Making more informed decisions related to maintenance and optimization. 


PowerIQ provides DA market and RT price forecasts, allowing you to capitalize on price spreads. We compare our demand and wind generation forecasts with the ISO to determine where deviations may drive discrepancies in price, giving you an extra layer of insight.


PowerIQ reports include detailed congestion analyses. Recap reports review constraints for the previous day and identify the market conditions and transmission outages that drove each constraint. Congestion tables are also included in the Bal-Day and Next-Day reports, where analysts provide a list of constraints most likely to bind based on power flow analysis, transmission line outages, historical precedent, and in-house modeling. Also included in these tables are drivers for each constraint, high risk hours, a forecast confidence rating, hub impacts, top sources and sinks, and more. 


Graphically, qualitatively, and quantitatively, PowerIQ reports highlight the optimal times to purchase power and the associated risks to prices – both at the hourly and daily level. Daily scenario simulations with toggled wind, demand and/or gas prices further highlight sensitive time frames at Hubs and Load Zones. 


While our data can be ingested into internal models, PowerIQ reports already synthesize this information and present it with commentary delivered to your inbox before 9am ET. We lend confidence and efficiency in a pressurized morning process. We clean the data, send an early risk and weather commentary, and provide a second set of eyes on everything from transmission outages to monitored generation ramp rates. 


Our accurate analysis and forecasting provides a unique lens into policy impacts and supply and demand dynamics. Our expert analysts are here to provide transparency into industry events that impact your day-to-day operations such as outages, congestion, and constraints. Get insight into the markets you serve with key power market information and analytics.