PowerRT® North America

API, Online Platform

Real-Time Power Plant Output & Transmission Flow Data

Receive our timely power market information to optimize revenues, minimize risks, and understand U.S. power market trends

With thousands of our patented sensors deployed near power plants and transmission lines across the U.S., PowerRT provides a real-time view into power market fundamentals. These fundamentals include congestion events, pricing impacts, generation and transmission outages, solar and wind output, available capacity, and more. Our platform provides a flexible workspace for visualizing the supply stack and receiving custom alerts on relevant and up-to-the-minute power market information for key electric markets including: ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CAISO, SERC, and WECC.

PowerRT keeps you ahead in both the intra-day and Day-Ahead markets by providing:

  • New Opportunities: With PowerRT, better understand supply stack dynamics, line flows, and congestion levels, enabling you to uncover potential patterns.
  • Real-Time Insights: Calculate how much fuel is being consumed in the U.S. power sector, right now, based on our large sample of plants. Through our patented network of in-the-field sensors, see plant trips and ramps as they happen.
  • Extensive Monitoring: We monitor all plant types including coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, pumped storage, oil, and solar, giving you clear insight into plant operations and fuel burn in a given region.


PowerRT is the go to source for understanding fundamental congestion drivers, including comprehensive line flow and power plant output data. Look back at historic events to analyze the market drivers that trigger particular congestion trends and better predict future constraints. Set alerts on changes in output and line flow to identify and track patterns that lead to trading opportunities.


Stay on top of the power market with access to real-time insights provided by PowerRT. Receive transparency into the supply stack to make better decisions about when to enter or exit positions and understand the daily price drivers.


Gain unique insights into local power grid dynamics to make more informed scheduling and purchasing decisions. With PowerRT, optimize your short-term hedging decisions and power plant output levels. Quickly respond to price spikes, congestion events, and output levels at competing plants.