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  • Power

PowerRT® Europe

Our PowerRT platform supports trading desks and analytical departments in developing and improving trading strategies, analysing production, viewing…

Product type: Real-Time Monitoring
  • Oil
  • NGLs

High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor

The High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor is the leading source for daily oil production data for impactful oil-producing countries across the globe.…

Product type: Exploration & Production
  • Oil

ARA Refined Products & Crude Storage Reports

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp (ARA) account for a significant portion of Europe's total crude inflows. We provide gold-standard intel on crude and…

Product type: Storage - Crude , Storage - Refined Products
  • Power

EPSI Europe

Whether you’re focused on the short, mid, or long-term horizon, rely on our EPSI platform to get actionable insights for European power markets. The…

Product type: Market Forecasting
  • Agriculture & Biofuels
  • Maritime

Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor

Using our Vesseltracker™ AIS data and proprietary ship tracking, our Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor provides access to key international shipment…

Product type: Biodiesel Imports , Commodity Flows
  • Oil

European Refinery Intelligence Report

The operational health of refining units is increasingly important to navigating the market - a brief upset at a single distillation unit can lead to…

Product type: Refinery Utilization
  • Power

Europe Coal Burn Report

Get the most up-to-date coal demand estimates for the European power sector on a country-by-country basis. Our ability to develop these estimates…

Product type: Power Fuel