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  • Power

PowerRT® Europe

Our PowerRT platform supports trading desks and analytical departments in developing and improving trading strategies, analysing production, viewing…

Product type: Real-Time Monitoring
  • Oil
  • NGLs

High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor

The High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor is the leading source for daily oil production data for impactful oil-producing countries across the globe.…

Product type: Exploration & Production
  • Oil

ARA Ethanol and Methanol Storage Report

The ARA region is the most critical component of the European oil supply chain. Our ARA Ethanol and Methanol Storage Report delivers accurate and…

Product type: Storage - Refined Products
  • Oil

ARA Refined Products & Crude Storage Reports

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp (ARA) account for a significant portion of Europe's total crude inflows. We provide gold-standard intel on crude and…

Product type: Storage - Crude , Storage - Refined Products
  • Power

EPSI Europe

Whether you’re focused on the short, mid, or long-term horizon, rely on our EPSI platform to get actionable insights for European power markets. The…

Product type: Market Forecasting
  • Oil

European Refinery Intelligence Report

The operational health of refining units is increasingly important to navigating the market - a brief upset at a single distillation unit can lead to…

Product type: Refinery Utilization
  • Power

Europe Coal Burn Report

Get the most up-to-date coal demand estimates for the European power sector on a country-by-country basis. Our ability to develop these estimates…

Product type: Power Fuel