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Daily Macro Supply & Demand Report

Our Daily Macro Supply and Demand (S&D) report provides unparalleled, timely insight into the U.S. natural gas supply and demand balance.

Location: United States

Energy Management Solutions

Our in-house team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of wholesale and retail electricity, renewables, and natural gas markets.…

Location: United States

Equity Production Insight

E&P company valuations are based heavily on whether or not companies can grow in a profitable way.

Location: United States

Intrastate Storage Monitoring

We deliver the industry's only point of visibility into unreported storage systems, a crucial missing component to understanding market dynamics…

Location: United States

Mexico Natural Gas

Natural Gas Analyst

Natural Gas Analyst is a web-based platform that delivers the industry's most comprehensive natural gas market data through easy-to-use,…

Location: Mexico, United States, Canada

Natural Gas Infrastructure Intelligence

Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance

Our Notices and Maintenance tool consolidates thousands of maintenance and notice events from electronic bulletin boards into one place to help…

Location: United States, Canada, Mexico

Natural Gas Production Forecast

Natural Gas Real-Time

Our Natural Gas Real-Time product provides the most comprehensive view of public data for over 190 natural gas pipelines in North America.

Location: Mexico, Canada, United States

Natural Gas Regional Basis Reports & Market Commentary

Gain insight into regional gas price movements through daily measurements of each area’s line-item fundamentals.  Stay ahead of all major market…

Location: United States, Canada

Natural Gas Weekly Forward Supply & Demand Report


North American LNG Supply & Demand

Permian Basin Analysis Report

Using a combination of public and proprietary data and analysis for natural gas, oil and NGLs, we provide a comprehensive view of the nation's…

Location: United States

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