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Canadian NGLs Production Forecast

Our forecast provides focus where you need it.

Location: Canada, United States

Ethylene Cracking Monitoring Alerts

With critical insight and transparency into North American feedstock and ethylene cracker operations, stay informed on outages and shifts in this…

Location: United States

Fractionator Monitoring Service

The fractionators at Mont Belvieu lie at the heart of the gas liquids system in the U.S.

Location: United States

Global Oil Supply Report


High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor

Marcellus-Utica NGL Supply Chain Monitoring Service

To accommodate NGL production growth in the Marcellus-Utica region, both fractionation and pipeline transportation infrastructure has grown on a…

Location: United States

NGL Infrastructure Intelligence

With the industry's most complete infrastructure NGL data, access on-demand, up-to-date data on expanded and upcoming projects with detailed…

Location: United States

NGLs Monthly Supply and Demand

Combining our proven NGL production forecast with a demand outlook, we publish a monthly supply, demand, and inventory outlook for ethane, propane…

Location: United States

NGLs Pipeline Monitor

We watch pipeline flows in real-time and alert you of significant changes. Based on flow data collected from our sensors and knowledge of…

Location: Mexico

Permian Basin Analysis Report

Using a combination of public and proprietary data and analysis for natural gas, oil and NGLs, we provide a comprehensive view of the nation's…

Location: United States

U.S. Gulf Coast Morning PetroChem Update

With high volatility caused by potential outages and the increasing shift toward ethane feedstock, it's essential for market participants to have…

Location: United States

U.S. NGLs Production Forecast

Our forecast, broken down by NGLs product type, combines EIA, state, natural gas pipeline flow and gas quality data to deliver a comprehensive…

Location: United States

US Waterborne LPG Weekly Report

Given the tremendous amount of supply over the past several years, exports have become the key to balancing North American NGL markets. 

Location: United States, Global

Voyage Events

Weekly Propane Review

With the latest fundamental data and market pricing, our comprehensive propane outlook gives a current look at propane market conditions.

Location: United States