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  • Retail Energy

Customer Pricing Model

To accurately price and hedge your retail products, having the right guidance and proper tools are necessary. Our Customer Pricing Model helps you to…

Product type: Retail Energy , Market Forecasting
  • Equities

TESLA Insight Report

In the words on Elon Musk, "the competitive strength of TESLA long term is not the car, it is the factory." With Genscape, we'll help you get a near…

  • Retail Energy

Energy Management Solutions

Our in-house team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of wholesale and retail electricity, renewables, and natural gas markets. We…

Product type: Retail Energy , Market Forecasting
  • Power

U.S. Coal Burn Report

Coal is a major driver of power market fundamentals and is the one fuel lacking timely transparency. With our U.S. Coal Burn Report, you don't have to…

Product type: Power Fuel
  • Equities

Equity Midstream Insight

Midstream company valuations can be based heavily on a collection of spot or market volumes above fee based take-or-pay volumes. Gain unique insight…

  • Equities
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas

Equity Production Insight

E&P company valuations are based heavily on whether or not companies can grow in a profitable way. Gain unique insight into both present and…

  • Retail Energy

Energy Management Dashboard

Whether your business is exposed to the electricity, gas, or renewable energy markets in either the wholesale or retail segments, making informed and…

Product type: Retail Energy , Market Forecasting