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Behind-the-Meter Solar Output

Systems that produce onsite power like behind-the-meter solar (BTM) installations, have been on the rise across the U.S.

Location: United States

Energy Management Solutions

Our in-house team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of wholesale and retail electricity, renewables, and natural gas markets.…

Location: United States

EPSI Europe

Whether you’re focused on the short, mid, or long-term horizon, rely on our EPSI platform to get actionable insights for European power markets.…

Location: Europe

EPSI Japan

As interest is growing in the fast-liberalizing Japanese power market, understanding the ever-changing dynamics is a must. With our EPSI platform…

Location: Asia

EPSI Mexico

Our EPSI platform provides unparalleled insight into the Mexico power market through a unique combination of thorough research, relevant data…

Location: Mexico

Nodal Market Insights™


Power markets are volatile. Be prepared for the impact when strong demand hits the grid.

Location: United States, Canada


PowerBuyer is an easy-to-use, daily report that helps inform your Day-Ahead market bidding decisions and more precisely identifies load…

Location: United States



PowerRT® Europe

PowerRT® Japan

We're recognized as the industry standard in providing real-time generation and transmission visibility to power market participants.

Location: Asia

PowerRT® North America

US Coal Burn Report

Coal is a major driver of power market fundamentals and is the one fuel lacking timely transparency. With our U.S.

Location: United States


Whether you are looking for insight for short-term trading, mid-term portfolio planning, or long-term investment decisions related to the western…

Location: United States


While wind is one of the fastest growing forms of electric power generation, it is also one of the most difficult to predict, making it a key…

Location: United States