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African Waterborne Crude Report

Changes in flows from Africa are increasingly shifting global crude oil markets, adding pressure to regional prices.

Location: Africa, Global

Ethanol Exports Monitor

We pair patented monitoring technology with our own vessel tracking data for a near-real time view into U.S. ethanol exports.

Location: United States, Global

European Waterborne Products Report

Get an accurate, up-to-date view of European waterborne product movements to and from destinations across the globe.

Location: Europe

Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor

Using our Vesseltracker™ AIS data and proprietary ship tracking, our Global Biodiesel Imports Monitor provides access to key international…

Location: Global, United States

Middle East Waterborne Crude Report

To forecast short-term price shifts, it is crucial to have accurate insight and analysis into crude destinations from the the Middle East.

Location: Middle East

North American LNG Supply & Demand

North American Waterborne Crude Report

With our North American Waterborne Crude Report, keep track of the latest tanker movements affecting U.S. refiners and producers.

Location: Canada, United States

Rhine Oil Barge Report

Through a combination of industry expertise, satellite and terrestrial AIS data, and in-house oil storage data, we provide a comprehensive, weekly…

Location: Europe

US Fertilizer Production & Transportation Report

Get accurate production numbers for urea, UAN and anhydrous ammonia, and  the import of all major bulk fertilizers for the U.S.

Location: United States, Global

US Waterborne LPG Weekly Report

Given the tremendous amount of supply over the past several years, exports have become the key to balancing North American NGL markets. 

Location: United States, Global

Vesseltracker Data Services

We process over 500 million signals daily, monitor more than 170,000 vessels, and recognize 55 million vessel-related events and status changes,…

Location: Global, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, Latin America, United States

Vesseltracker ShipDB

Our data connects you with vessel insight for improving operations.

Location: Global, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, Latin America, United States

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