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African Waterborne Crude Report

Changes in flows from Africa are increasingly shifting global crude oil markets, adding pressure to regional prices.

Location: Africa, Global

ARA Refined Products & Crude Storage Reports

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp (ARA) account for a significant portion of Europe's total crude inflows.

Location: Europe

Behind-the-Meter Solar Output

Systems that produce onsite power like behind-the-meter solar (BTM) installations, have been on the rise across the U.S.

Location: United States

Canadian Crude Oil Production Forecast

Our approach examines the most significant oil producing regions in Canada providing a comprehensive production forecast and analysis.

Location: Canada

Canadian Crude Oil Storage Report

Canadian NGLs Production Forecast

Our forecast provides focus where you need it.

Location: Canada, United States

Canadian Pipeline Service

Chicago Ethanol Inventory Report

Get the most up-to-date and detailed ethanol storage data for the three major storage terminals in the Chicago area, including Kinder Morgan Argo…

Location: United States

Cushing Crude Oil Storage Report

Daily Bakken Update Report

Our Daily Bakken Update service provides exclusive insights into real-time crude oil flows, daily rail loadings and unloadings, pipeline events,…

Location: United States

Daily Macro Supply & Demand Report

Our Daily Macro Supply and Demand (S&D) report provides unparalleled, timely insight into the U.S. natural gas supply and demand balance.

Location: United States

Energy Management Solutions

Our in-house team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of wholesale and retail electricity, renewables, and natural gas markets.…

Location: United States

EPSI Europe

Whether you’re focused on the short, mid, or long-term horizon, rely on our EPSI platform to get actionable insights for European power markets.…

Location: Europe

EPSI Japan

As interest is growing in the fast-liberalizing Japanese power market, understanding the ever-changing dynamics is a must. With our EPSI platform…

Location: Asia

EPSI Mexico

Our EPSI platform provides unparalleled insight into the Mexico power market through a unique combination of thorough research, relevant data…

Location: Mexico

Equity Midstream Insight

Midstream company valuations can be based heavily on a collection of spot or market volumes above fee based take-or-pay volumes.

Location: United States

Equity Production Insight

E&P company valuations are based heavily on whether or not companies can grow in a profitable way.

Location: United States

Ethanol Exports Monitor

We pair patented monitoring technology with our own vessel tracking data for a near-real time view into U.S. ethanol exports.

Location: United States, Global

Ethanol Production Monitor

Stay head of the curve with the most comprehensive ethanol coverage off the market.

Location: United States

Ethylene Cracking Monitoring Alerts

With critical insight and transparency into North American feedstock and ethylene cracker operations, stay informed on outages and shifts in this…

Location: United States

Europe Coal Burn Report

Get the most up-to-date coal demand estimates for the European power sector on a country-by-country basis.

Location: Europe

European Refinery Intelligence Report

The operational health of refining units is increasingly important to navigating the market - a brief upset at a single distillation unit can lead…

Location: Europe

European Waterborne Products Report

Get an accurate, up-to-date view of European waterborne product movements to and from destinations across the globe.

Location: Europe

Forties Supply Chain Monitor

A vast network of over 50 offshore oil fields, four pumping stations, refining, storage, and 209 kilometers of onshore pipeline make up the…

Location: Europe