On-Demand Webinar: Enhance Your MISO Trading & Hedging Strategies with Congestion Intelligence

Robust analysis is a key to be successful in the MISO power market, including knowledge of future congestion events and the region’s most impacted nodes. Our on-demand webinar shares the tools and data crucial to this analysis, enabling you to pinpoint new trading opportunities, better hedge risk, and strengthen your existing trading strategy. The types of questions these MISO participants may ask are:

  • What were the actual market conditions that caused the congestion to occur most recently?
  • Will the market known congestion that has been occurring continue or stop and how can I best take advantage of it?
  • What new congestion is going to start that I can take advantage of before the market knows about it and decreases the arbitrage opportunity?
  • What trading nodes with the lowest risk allow you to capitalize on the congestion forecast?

We share how to maximize your MISO market position by leveraging our real-time generation monitoring, daily inputs from our expert analysts, and our best-in-class congestion forecasting tools. By combining these insights, you can quickly identify congestion risk to generation and load nodes, Hubs, and Load Zones, and use it to capitalize or hedge in the Day-Ahead Virtuals or the Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) market using fundamental power flow modeling.

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