On-Demand Webinar: The Gas Revolution: A Look at the Changing Generation Landscape in PJM

The Marcellus Shale gas revolution continues to impact PJM's generation landscape. The proliferation of inexpensive natural gas delivered a thermal generation renaissance in the Northeast as investment pours into the region to develop new power plants. With new gas generation operating more efficiently than coal, the composition of the supply stack is seeing a stark change. Coal generators are retiring and being replaced with natural gas. In 2019, two coal generators, Conesville and Bruce Mansfield, and one nuclear generator, Three Mile Island, will retire. 

This on-demand webinar features an in-depth analysis of these generation changes. From congestion to zonal supply stack composition, Genscape’s team of PJM Power Market Analysts break down the new risks that emerge from PJM’s supply stack in 2019.

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