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Weekly PADD 3 ethanol storage capacity measurements delivered a full day ahead of EIA estimates  

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The Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report offers never before seen transparency into this major U.S. export hub. With a commitment to providing unparalleled insight into the global U.S. ethanol supply chain, Genscape provides monitoring coverage of ethanol storage at multiple regions within PADD 3.

Each Wednesday, ethanol traders from both the physical and speculative markets wait for the EIA’s PADD 3 Weekly Stocks Report to be released. Utilizing highly calibrated infrared cameras, aerial diagnostics, and proprietary technologies, Genscape is able to measure and deliver granular, critical storage level insight for ethanol inventories in the Gulf Coast 24 hours before the EIA. 

Genscape measures 13 ethanol storage terminals in the Gulf Coast area, comprising of more than 4.6 million barrels of storage capacity and coverage of more than 70 tanks. Using tank-by-tank level data, subscribers can differentiate between tanks used for ongoing blending operations and tanks used for more strategic storage positions. Market participants can use this timely, proprietary data to make more informed trading and operational decisions.


Delivery: Online Biofuels Dashboard

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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The U.S. Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report features:

  • Weekly report, delivered via the Biofuels Dashboard on Tuesdays at 10AM ET, ahead of EIA's weekly stocks report
  • Report includes storage totals by terminal and tank owner
  • Coverage includes 70 tanks and tank-by-tank storage inventory data available in Excel format via the Biofuels Dashboard 
  • Includes terminals across the U.S. Gulf Coast including Houston, Beaumont, and New Orleans

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Benefits of the U.S.Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report include:

  • Spot early trends when owners/operators make moves when you chart against futures or spot prices
  • Set your trading strategies early when you use the only report with weekly stock data specific to ethanol in the Gulf Coast
  • Gain transparency and a valuable reference point to better understand market fundamentals

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The Methodology Behind the Measurements:

To determine individual tank storage levels Genscape uses infrared images to detect storage levels in fixed roof tanks. Genscape flies over each terminal once a week to collect detailed storage level measurements. Flights are set to late Thursday/early Friday to correspond to EIA reporting periods to allow for direct comparison of inventory levels.

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Click on the preview to download the U.S. Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Report.

 Genscape's US Gulf Coast Ethanol Inventory Sample Report