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Identify key vessel metrics leveraging Genscape Vesseltracker’s market-leading AIS network

Understand and benchmark against average speed, idle days, average hourly speed, and vessel activity times

Vessel Analytics

Genscape’s Vessel Analytics Report delivers unique insights into voyage performance with a granularity hitherto unavailable to the stakeholders in the maritime supply chain. Through detailed analysis of the AIS positions captured by Genscape Vesseltracker, Genscape is able to identify even minor variations in voyage activity (location, speed and environment) and present the data in a format that can be easily interpreted and applied by customers.

The Vessel Analytics Report creates actionable insights for participants in the maritime supply chain by analyzing huge amounts of raw AIS data to identify individual ships’ active and idle periods during voyages. The output can be deployed to optimize voyage and maintenance processes, clarify claims positions, and expedite claims resolution. The insights help save on legal and administrative costs and provide objective oversight of competitors’ fleet utilization and voyage performance.


Delivery: Online dashboard and datafeed

Frequency: Real-time access

Locations: Global

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Features of the Vessel Analytics Report:

Genscape Maritime Vessel Analytics

  • Active time, expressed as sailing time as a ratio to the voyage period spent sailing, i.e. time spent sailing minus time spent idle*) divided by total time
  • Average active speed, expressed as the average speed of a vessel while sailing**) within a period, excluding time spent idle*)
  • Consecutive idle days*) within a period, excluding short activity periods at sailing speed, f.inst. a vessel moving to anchorage
  • Average hourly speed, expressed as speed intervals as a ratio to a period of time

*) Idle time definitions subject to customer specifications; initial example was speed <=3 knots.
**) Sailing time definitions subject to customer specifications; initial example was speed >3 knots.

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Benefits of the Vessel Analytics Report:

Genscape Vesseltracker VLCC Fleet Speed

  • Fuel optimization: Document actual voyage speed enable fleet management to identify vessels that deviate from optimal speed as recommended by engine manufacturers, which may cause excessive fuel consumption
  • Maintenance optimization (customer service): Corroborate performance, activity, and speed with the ocean regions navigated to identify vessels’ exposure to corrosive environments over time periods and at varying speeds to enable coating manufacturers to provide timely maintenance advice to customers
  • Claims mitigation: Document vessel behavior, including idle time and average speeds, to gain insight and data necessary to support claims mitigation efforts
  • Speed and consumption claims resolution: Document speed by time interval, average speed during the voyage period, and idle times, to provide evidence of vessel voyage speeds when corroborated with bunker consumption and weather data
  • Competitor performance monitoring: Benchmark your fleet’s performance against that of your competitors to evidence operational efficiencies

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